« A huge collaborative project to come! »

What is this?

  1. Bring the advantages of programming's world decentralized systems (like git, …) to the whole world.
  2. Let everyone bring content / edits / ideas / … in a non intrusive way:
    Just like if you created your clone of a project and modify it.
  3. These rules also apply to this very project:
    This project is YOURS. Bring your ideas, opinions, code, content, …

So, your contributions will be automatically accepted under the "By users" tab and will be displayed to the whole world (if you wish), they'll stay there (if you wish), and, in case you proposed data for someone else's content and if you're lucky, it may get merged with the original content by his original author or be choosen to be the new official version.

Hello World

(en) Hello world
(fr) Bonjour tout le monde
(jp) みなさんこんにちは
(it) Ciao a tutti
(es) Hola a todos
(eo) Saluton ĉiuj

or edit one… (Not implemented yet… Soon!)

Testing zone

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